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Genuine Kia Optima Sw Charging Cable, Mode 3 (1-Phase, 20A, 5M)

Genuine Kia Optima Sw Charging Cable, Mode 3 (1-Phase, 20A, 5M)

Part Number: 66631ADE022A

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Fast charging (AC) your new electric vehicle could not be easier and faster. The charging cable, Mode 3 is equipped with Type-2 plugs at both ends and can be used for the day-today charging at public and domestic charging points that provide Type-2 sockets. High-grade materials make this charging cable extremely resistant to severe twisting or bending, and extensive weatherproofing excludes the possibility of corrosion. Secure automatic locking to both the car and the charging point is provided by the Type-2 plugs. Applicable also for plug-in Hybrid vehicles. 20 Ampere
Length: 5m Technical Information
Phases: 1-Phase
Voltage: 250V
Current: 20A
Charging Power: up to 4.6kW
Plugs: Type 2 - Type 2
Charging Mode: Mode 3
Weight : 1954 g
Cable Length: 5 m
Operating Temperature: -30C up to +50C Specifications
Material: PUR
Branded: Yes

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