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Thule Ranger 90 280 Litre Universal Foldable Roof Box

Product Code: MC820V4705

Thule's fabric 340 litre Ranger 90 "roof bag" is designed for people without home storage space. If you do live in a flat, without a garage or shed, or lack a helpful friend with a garage or shed, then for sure it's an excellent idea, and the design and build quality is good. The downside is the lack of security - an inevitable problem with all fabric roof bags or roof bar systems. You also need to be careful not to put too much strain on the zip which is, we assure you, "fit for purpose", i.e. straining and breaking the zip is not a warranty issue. Opening and shutting is also a slow business compared to a traditional box.

It uses the Easy-Snap U-bolt fitting system. These fit roof bars up to 82mm wide and 35 mm deep. The idea is that you roll it up when it's not in use and, only when it's completely dry, put it back in its storage bag.


280 Litre Capacity with 100 x 80 x 40cm dimensions

Package Weight 7KG

Weight Capacity 50KG

Rolls to 120cm long by 27cm diameter

£183.36inc vat

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