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Citroen C4 Picasso Rubber Floor Mats (front & rear)

Product Code: 1637821580

A set of 2 front mats and 1 one-piece rear mat in shaped black rubber, bearing the vehicle name logo.

•Always present to fleet customers. •Rubber mats can be used intensively in severe climatic conditions. •The height of the edges and the rigidity give a tray effect to protect the original flooring; they can be shaken out very easily. •Holding excellently to the floor. The driver’s mat has fastenings to ensure it cannot slide forward to interfere with the pedals. •Highly resistant to changes in temperature without any loss of shape. •Resistant to impacts, non-flammable and hard-wearing. •An attractive means of substantially improving soundproofing and heat insulation. •Suitable for intensive use and easy to maintain. Can be simply wiped with a sponge, vacuumed or cleaned with a pressure-hose. •Complete protection for the original carpeting due to fitting perfectly to the contours of the floor, thus enhancing the vehicle’s resale value. •The driver and passenger mats bear the C4 Picasso logo to emphasise the manufacturer origin.

Was £71.04inc vat

Now £60.38inc vat

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