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Vauxhall Wheel Trims & Wheel Covers

Corsa D 14" Wheel Trim Multi Spoke



Corsa D 14" Wheel Trim Silver Multi Spoke



Corsa D 15" Steel Wheel Trim 7 Spoke



Corsa D 16" Wheel Trim 6 Spoke



Corsa E 15" Steel Wheel Cover



We stock a wide range of Vauxhall wheel trims that make the ideal addition to your Vauxhall vehicle. Whether you are looking for 14”, 15” or 16” alloy wheels we have a great variety available, all of which are easy to fit. What’s more our range of hubcaps come in an array of spoke designs to add a unique touch to your Vauxhall.

We only stock genuine Vauxhall wheel trims which come complete with Vauxhall branding and the unmistakable Griffin logo. Browse the range.