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Peugeot In-Car Storage

Peugeot New 308 5-Door Under Shelf Storage Tray



Peugeot Partner Tepee Interior Roof Bars (2016 Models)



Peugeot In-Car Storage

Keep everything in your car organised with our comprehensive range of Peugeot in-car storage. At Car Accessories Plus we stock car organisers that maximise storage space by ensuring that any available space is utilised to best effect. For example, our Tepee interior roof bars allow you to make use of the interior roof space to store long and bulky objects. We also stock in-car storage that has been designed for other Peugeot models like the Peugeot 308.

What’s more as we only stock genuine Peugeot car organisers you get a robust and durable storage solution for your Peugeot.