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Peugeot Rear Spoilers

Peugeot 108 Single Tail Pipe Ligne S Rear Bumper Diffuser



Peugeot 207 3 & 5 Door Rear End Panel



Peugeot 207 3 & 5 Door Upper Spoiler



Peugeot 207 CC Boot Spoiler



Peugeot 207 CC Door Rear End Panel



Peugeot 208 Rear Bumper Vent (with tailpipe showing)



Peugeot 4007 Aluminium Effect Rear Bumper Diffuser



Peugeot 508 Boot Spoiler



Peugeot New 308 Rear Bumper Vent With Single Tailpipe



About Peugeot Rear Spoilers

Are you looking to personalise your Peugeot? If so, rear spoilers are a great way to customise your ride. Our inventory will allow you to create a sportier profile for your car that’s sure to make you stand out, and you’ll find it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to freshen your Peugeot up a little bit.

We carry spoilers designed to fit all the models you’d expect like the Peugeot 207, 308 and 3008. All the Peugeot parts and accessories sold by Car Accessories Plus are genuine, made to fit your vehicle.

We can offer next day dispatch so you won’t be left waiting around for your purchase and worldwide shipping is available for customers overseas. Additionally, you’ll find great deals on all our Peugeot products as we have 15% off all genuine and approved Peugeot parts and accessories.