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Peugeot Side Skirts

Peugeot 108 Black Ligne S Side Skirts



Peugeot 207 3 & 5 Door Left Lower Side Skirt



Peugeot 207 3 & 5 Door Right Lower Side Skirt



Peugeot 208 Body Sills With Black & Red Stripe



Peugeot New 308 2-Piece Black Ligne S Side Skirts



About Peugeot Side Skirts

Give your Peugeot eye-catching style by fitting genuine Peugeot side skirts. Our car door sills will add striking design detailing and accenting to your Peugeot. We stock a range of Peugeot side skirts have been specifically designed to fit a range of different Peugeot models including the Peugeot 108, 207, 208 and 308.

We supply our Peugeot side skirts primed and ready to be painted, which means it is up to you whether you opt for the same colour as your car or go for a more daring contrast colour. Take a look at the full range to find the right Peugeot side skirts for your vehicle.