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Nissan Wind Deflectors

Nissan Juke Wind Deflectors (set of 4)


Nissan Leaf Front And Rear Wind Deflectors


Nissan Micra Wind Deflectors (front pair)



Nissan Navara Bonnet Protector


Nissan Navara Wind Deflectors Front & Rear Doors


Nissan Pulsar Wind Deflector Set (front & rear)


Nissan X-Trail Bonnet Deflector


Nissan X-Trail Wind Deflectors With Chrome Finisher


About Nissan Wind Deflectors

Enjoy travelling in your car with the windows down with our comprehensive range of Nissan window deflectors. Wind deflectors significantly reduce the air turbulence and associated noise created when travelling with your windows down by helping to deflect the flow of air. We stock car window deflectors for the front and rear windows so both you and your passengers can benefit. Our range of Nissan wind deflectors have been designed to fit a variety of different Nissan models including the Nissan Juke, Micra, X-Trail, Pulsar and Navara D23.

At Car Accessories Plus we strive to provide you with the best possible products, so you’ll be pleased to learn that all of our car window deflectors are 100% genuine Nissan products. Take a look at the complete range.