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Mazda Sun Shades

Mazda CX-5 Rear Window Sun Shade Set



About Mazda Sun Shades

Genuine Mazda sun shades are specially designed to protect you and your passengers from the blistering heat of the sun. You’ll be especially thankful for this during the summer when you’re driving around in a hot and stuffy car in tropical weather.

Protecting from sunlight with a tailored Mazda sun shade will help keep you cool and comfortable which is great, but it will also minimise glare which will improve your overall visibility on the road. This is a benefit that can’t be ignored because it will help to keep you safe while driving. Also, being exposed to hot weather can make you very tired, and you want to be as alert as possible at all times.

Car Accessories Plus only has approved Mazda sun shades for sale, designed specifically to fit your model and they can easily be installed at home, without needing to pay a professional.