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Mazda Dog Guards

Mazda CX-5 Dog Guard



Mazda CX-5 Dog Guard 2017 Models



About Mazda Dog Guards

A dog really is man’s best friend and so it’s only natural you’d want to take your dog with you when you’re travelling, whether it be for a break or to see a friend. Dog guards for cars will help you do this safely without fear of your overexcited pet being able to access the driver’s area and cause an accident.

Your Mazda dog guard will fit securely to the roof of your car and is very easy to quickly apply yourself, so you don’t need an installation expert to do it for you.

Car Accessories Plus only stock genuine Mazda accessories so there’s no fear of getting a poor quality and faulty item that won’t properly keep you and your dog safe.

We provide next day dispatch so you won’t be left waiting around and international delivery is available for customers overseas.