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Mazda Bike Carriers

Thule Coach 276 velocompact 4th Bike Carrier Adapter


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier F22 For 2 Bikes


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier F32 For 3 Bikes


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier X21-S For 2 Bikes (tiltable)


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier X31-S For 3 Bikes (tiltable)


About Mazda Bike Carriers

If you’re an outdoorsman (or woman), a high quality car bike carrier is sure to be on the list of car accessories you want to buy. Bike carriers allow you to easily transport your bike to your destination, without stuffing it in the car and obstructing the exit and entry points of the vehicle. This helps to keep your car not only tidier, but safer as well.

We have a selection of frame and fork roof mounted bike carriers made by the popular Thule brand, and suitable for the Mazda vehicle range.

Car Accessories Plus only sells genuine roof mounted bike carriers so you can have peace of mind knowing that you're getting the real deal.

This is especially important with a bike carrier because it needs to be safely and securely fitted to your vehicle while surviving potentially harmful winds.