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Mazda Armrests

Mazda CX-3 Leatherette Covered Armrest



Mazda 2 Centre Arm Rest



About Mazda Armrests

Mazda armrests are an inexpensive, practical storage solution for your vehicle and a must buy accessory for your Mazda. They are made to fit the style of your car and because of that, blend in seamlessly with its design and interior so nothing will look out of place.

In addition to the look of the armrest, a real Mazda 2 armrest will give your arms much needed comfort and support by helping to reduce any tension in your arm. This is a particularly desirable benefit, especially during long journeys and you’ll be grateful you have your armrest.

Here at Car Accessories Plus we only carry genuine Mazda centre armrests, so you can rest assured you’re getting a quality product that’s going to last and provide you with adequate storage. All our Mazda armrests have removable interior separators for your convenience, and are also height adjustable so you can find the perfect resting position for your arm.