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Jeep Sill Protectors

Cherokee Door Sill Guards



Grand Cherokee Door Sill Protectors Brushed Stainless Steel



Grand Cherokee Door Sill Protectors Illuminated



Renegade Renegade Door Sill Guards



About Jeep Sill Protectors

Protect your interior door sills from scratches and scuffs by fitting Jeep sill protectors. Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel and featuring the Jeep logo our Jeep sill protectors will also add a stylish touch to the interior of your Jeep vehicle. We even stock illuminated door sill protectors which will brighten up the interior of your Jeep when entering. Our range of Jeep door sill scuff plates are suitable for a variety of Jeep models including the Jeep Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Renegade. Take a look at our whole range of genuine Jeep sill protectors to find sill protectors suitable for your Jeep.