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Jeep Bike Carriers & Racks

Thule Coach 276 velocompact 4th Bike Carrier Adapter


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier F22 For 2 Bikes


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier F32 For 3 Bikes


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier X21-S For 2 Bikes (tiltable)


Uebler Rear Bike Carrier X31-S For 3 Bikes (tiltable)


About Jeep Bike Carriers

Get out exploring in your Jeep vehicle. We stock a range of Jeep bike carriers that are perfect for avid bike riders and mean your journey is only part of the adventure. Once you arrive at your destination you can simply unload your bike and hit the trails.

Our range of Jeep bike racks include roof-mounted racks, as well as tow bar-mounted bike carriers. Whether you need to carry 2, 3 or 4 bikes we’ve got you covered. We stock Jeep bike carriers that carry up to 3 bikes and have adaptors available to enable you to carry a 4th bike if needed. Our bike carriers come from top name brands in the car luggage industry like Thule and Uebler, meaning you know you’re getting the best quality products.