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Fiat Roof Bars

Fiat 500 Rear Aluminium Tailgate Bars



Fiat 500L Roof Bars



Fiat 500X Black Roof Rails



Fiat 500X Roof Bars



Fiat 500X Silver Roof Rails



Fiat Panda Roof Bars For Cross Version



Fiat Panda Roof Bars - For Vehicles With Roof Rails



Fiat Panda Roof Bars - For Vehicles Without Roof Rails



Fiat Panda Roof Rails - Grey



Fiat Panda Roof Rails - Red



Fiat Panda Roof Rails - Sand



Fiat Panda Roof Rails - Violet



About Fiat Roof Bars

When you’re going on long journeys it’s often necessary to carry extra equipment. So to make the most of your cars space, why not fit Fiat roof bars? Roof bars enable you to carry items life roof boxes or even bikes on the roof of your Fiat. Our roof racks are suitable for a variety of different models including the Fiat 500L, Doblo, Qubo and Panda. Whilst for the Fiat 500 we offer specialist rear carriers which attach to the tailgate allowing you to carry extra equipment like skis.

All of our roof bars are all 100% genuine Fiat products and are made from fantastic quality materials like aluminium. Browse through our full selection to find the ideal Fiat roof bars for your Fiat.