top car accessories for winter

Top Car Accessories for Winter

With the weather taking a swift turn for the worst it is time to face up to the fact that winter is coming. With that in mind, we thought now would be the best time to get ahead of the game by taking a look at the top accessories for your car to help get you through the winter.

Spare Bulbs

With the clocks having just gone back an hour many of us have benefitted from an extra hour in bed. The downside is that the nights really are drawing in and as a car driver it’s more imperative than ever to make sure all your lights are in correct working order to keep you visible on the roads.

car headlights in winter

Keeping spare bulbs in your car is a good idea as it means they are always handy if a bulb does fail.


A can of de-icer in your car is essential as winter approaches. It offers a quick, safe and hassle-free way to clear your windscreen.

You should never use boiling hot water to clear your windscreen as it could cause your windscreen to crack.

Another big no, if you want to avoid a fine, is simply clearing a small patch of your windscreen directly in your line of sight. The Highway Code stipulates when driving in adverse conditions you must be able to see out of every glass panel in your car.

This is supported by section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988, making it a legal requirement to have a clear view of the road ahead before you set off. You can face a fine for failing to comply but more importantly than that you put yourself, your passengers and other road users at increased risk.

Ice Scraper

Using an ice scraper in conjunction with de-icer will ensure your car’s windows and windscreen can be quickly and effectively cleared of snow and ice.

There are a multitude of ice scrapers on the market, including ones with a built-in glove so your hands don’t get chilly while clearing the windscreen.

Rubber Car Mats

Keep cleaning to a minimum by replacing your carpet car mats with more hardwearing rubber mats this winter. Designed to be easy to clean they are better suited to wet wintry conditions when you are likely to be getting in and out the car with wet and muddy shoes. They will help to keep your carpet mats in pristine condition and ensure they are ready for use again in the spring.

rubber car mats for winter

In-Car Storage

Whether you’re heading on a long trip in the UK or heading on a road trip abroad and there is a risk of snow and a chance of being stranded on the road it is important to pack your car with a few essentials:

  • High-visibility jacket
  • Boots with grip
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Warm clothes and a blanket
  • A flask with a warm drink and non-perishable food
  • in car storage

    To pack in all these extras it’s a good idea to invest in some decent in-car storage which will hold the items securely and ensure everything is easy to access.


    If there is a risk of snow when you are travelling it’s a good idea to pack a shovel. This will provide invaluable if you need to dig your wheels out or clear a path in areas where there has been a snow drift.

    Heading Abroad

    If you’re heading abroad on a road trip this winter or plan to load up the car and drive to your favourite skiing destination then it might be necessary to consider a few extra accessories;

    Winter Tyres

    In the UK most people manage well on all-season tyres all-year round. However, if the winters start to get worse it will become more important to ensure we have the most appropriate tyres fitted.

    Winter tyres are more common in countries such as Austria and Germany where snow is more prevalent. In fact, winter tyres are mandatory in some countries at certain times of the year so before setting off it is always best to check.

    winter tyres on a car

    Winter tyres provide additional performance in conditions below 7 degrees Celsius, so even in wet and icy conditions you’ll better from the improved grip and handling winter tyres offer.

    The main benefits include shorter stopping distances, improved safety, better performance and the reduced risk of aquaplaning.

    Winter tyres contain more natural rubber, which keeps the tyre more flexible in lower temperatures. In addition, the tread is specially designed and has up to ten times the number of sipes compared to summer tyres. This helps the tread to bite into snow and ice to give interlocking grip.

    Ski/Snowboard Carriers

    If you are lucky enough to be heading on a winter skiing holiday and plan to drive it’s a good idea to fit a good quality ski or snowboard carrier. This will ensure your equipment is held safely and securely for the duration of the road trip.

    ski carrier on car

    Snow Chains

    Like winter tyres snow chains are a piece of kit that our northern European friends are more at home with us because generally, they get more snow.

    In many European countries, it is a legal requirement to fit snow chains when indicated by road signs, therefore, it is essential you carry them if you are heading to Europe during the winter months.

    Snow chains provide extra grip to your tyres and help stabilise your car in really snowy conditions. There are some important things to remember when using snow chains. Firstly with most types of snow chains, you should not travel faster than 30mph.

    snow chains on car tyre

    Secondly, snow chains can only be used when there is a blanket of snow. So if you hit a patch of road that has been cleared of snow it is necessary to pull over and remove the snow chains and only replace if you come to a part of the road that is covered in snow.

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