inexpensive ways to improve the look of your car

Inexpensive Ways to Improve the Look of your Car

If your car is looking a little tired there are some simple steps you can take to refresh it. From livening up the interior to enhancing the exterior, at Car Accessories Plus you’re sure to find everything you need to make your car look better. What’s more, with parts available at competitive prices you get an inexpensive way to improve and enhance your car.

Replace Floor Mats

Floor mats get daily abuse so it’s hardly surprising that they wear fairly quickly. Frayed car mats can often leave your car looking far from special inside. While stained, smelly and mouldy mats are not only unsightly to look at they can also have a negative effect on your health.

inexpensive ways to improve your car floor mats

Worn car mats can also be a distraction when driving as well as presenting a hazard, for example, if the heel pad is lifting it can impede pedal use as well as causing your foot to slip.

The good news is it’s easy to replace worn car mats and it doesn’t cost the earth. We stock an impressive range of car mats for different make and model cars so it’s easy to find car mats that will fit your vehicle perfectly. What’s more, as well as a great range of carpet mats you will also find a wide variety of rubber car mats which are ideal for those with active lifestyles as they can be wiped clean.

Replace Seat Covers

Like floor mats, seats can get worn and dirty quite quickly, especially if you have small children or pets travelling in the car. To keep them looking at their best you can fit protective seat covers which are waterproof and can be simply wiped down.

While if you’ve bought a second-hand vehicle it is often the car seats that can let the interior of the vehicle down. Fitting seat covers can be a cheap and easy way to fix this issue and ensure your car looks its best.

Replace Alloy Wheels

Alloys can totally transform the look of a car and are a fantastic way to upgrade or update the exterior of your vehicle. Replacing standard fit steel wheels with alloys can be an inexpensive way to add sporty style to your vehicle. What’s more, alloy wheels are generally lighter than steel wheels which makes them more efficient, can improve steering precision, improve acceleration and help to make braking more responsive.

alloy wheel on a car

Alloys are particularly susceptible to damage. Catching a kerb, driving over potholes and even cleaning materials can cause damage to your alloy wheels. So even if your car came fitted with alloy wheels they may benefit from a refresh. In addition fitting, new alloys can be a good way to increase the value of your car if you’re looking to sell or part-ex.

You’ll discover a wide range of manufacturer alloys available, many of which are offer quirky style detailing. This allows you to personalise your vehicle to showcase your own unique style. Plus we stock alloys in a fantastic range of sizes so we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Invest in Car Organisation

One of the best ways to keep your car looking its best is to keep it organised. Clutter from the children or paraphernalia from your job can quickly leave your car looking a mess. To prevent this and to make journeys more enjoyable it is a good idea to invest in in-car storage so you can keep everything organised.

inexpensive ways to improve your car organisation

Being organised will also help make it easier to see that you’ve got everything you need for the trip. Plus using the correct storage will help prevent spills and ensure your interior stays looking pristine.

From boot organisers to luggage nets we stock a great selection of car organisation to suit a variety of different manufacturer’s vehicles. In addition, if you’re planning a longer trip you might want to check out our impressive selection of roof boxes. While those with an adventurous spirit might find specialist carriers like bike racks and kayak carriers ideal.

Update the Exterior

If you really wanted the sports version of your current model but your budget wouldn’t stretch to it, fear not. With an impressive array of body kits, parts and accessories it’s possible to fit additional kit to your car to enhance the appearance and give it a sportier appeal. Plus by adding certain accessories, like a spoiler, you can also enhance the performance of your vehicle and improve its aerodynamics.

With grille inserts, mirror covers and exhaust kits it’s possible to make your car stand out for all the right reasons. Plus we stock body kit accessories in a range of materials from fibreglass to carbon fibre. The majority of parts are supplied primed and ready to be painted in the same colour as your vehicle, however, some offer an attractive contrast like our stylish chrome accessories.

Update Interior Accessories

Don’t just enhance the exterior of your car, there are some great accessories for your interior too. With pedals, steering wheels, gear knobs, armrests and dashboard decoration injecting sporty style to your vehicle has never been easier. While the use of premium quality materials like leather and aluminium will add a touch of sophistication to the interior of your car.

inexpensive ways to improve your car dashboard decoration

It’s also possible to inject some vibrancy into your car’s interior with our impressive selection of colourful dashboard accessories. From chic centre panels to vibrant air vents, interior parts are generally easy to change and can really revolutionise the interior. So it’s possible to create an ambience that reflects your personality; be it chic and sophisticated or sporty and stylish.

Update the Lighting

The lighting setup can have a huge impact on your vehicle and often when new models are released the cars lighting signature has been refreshed and restyled by the designers. So by replacing your lights, you can make a big difference to the look of your car. From LED lights, daytime running lights, footwell illumination and number plate lights it’s possible to improve your vehicle in numerous ways.

Style it Your Way

If you’re just looking to make your car look more unique then we also stock a range of decals and stickers. With an impressive selection available from racing stripes to distinctive sticker designs, it is easy to make your car stand out from the crowd.

inexpensive ways to improve your car decals stickers

Why not check out our full range of car accessories available? There’s a great selection of great quality products to choose from, all of which are genuine manufacturer or manufacturer-approved parts. This means as well as being excellent quality, they should be easy to fit seamlessly to your vehicle and shouldn’t affect your manufacturer warranty. In addition, all of our car parts are supplied with full fitting instructions so you should have no problem fitting your chosen accessory yourself.