essential road trip accessories

Our Top 10 Essential Accessories For A Road Trip

The school holidays are well underway and, thanks to the good weather, more and more people are choosing to remain in the UK, rather than venture abroad to sunnier climes.

It’s the perfect opportunity to investigate this beautiful country of ours and see all the wonderful places that sit right on our doorstep.

If you’re planning a road trip then there are a few accessories that will make your trip less stressful:

1. Roof Box

Pack up everything you need for your trip by fitting a roof box to the top of your car. There are a variety of different roof boxes available including foldable cloth boxes and sturdy solid boxes.

roof box

Load capacity varies across the range too, so whether you only need to pack a few extra clothing items or need to pack in the whole tent, you are sure to find something suitable.

What’s more, by packing kit into a roof box you can ensure that passengers get more space and aren’t left feeling too crammed in, which will help reduce tensions, especially on long journeys.

2. In Car-Storage

With so much equipment on board it’s easy to lose or misplace items, which is why practical in-car storage is so important. Plus as long journeys can often lead to fraying tempers, making sure everyone has everything they need to hand can help to make journeys less stressful.

Whether you opt for utility bags which can be hung on the rear of the driver and front passenger seats or boot storage systems and bags you can get everything organised and keep everyone happy.

3. Sun-Shades

Sunshades are a great idea to keep temperatures down in your vehicle. sun shades are usually easy to fit via suction cups and mean you can attach the shades without causing any damage or marks on your window.

A must when travelling with young children, they help shade them from direct sunlight and glare. There are a variety of different sun shades on the market including roll down sun blinds and fixed and specifically shaped sun shades.

4. Sat Nav & Accessories

sat nav

Make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible by staying on the right track. Sat navs will ensure you can get from A to B by the best route and should any problems occur a sat nav will quickly re-route to find you an alternative. Sat nav accessories are essential too; ensuring your sat nav stays charged and stable while you’re on the move.

5. Dog Guard

dog guard

If you’re taking your pooch with you on your trip then it’s important to consider their wellbeing and comfort too. Having a dog guard can help keep your dog safe and secure in their own space for the entirety of the journey.

6. Spare bulbs

Having replacement car bulbs means you’re prepared in the event of you having a faulty bulb. This is particularly important in some European countries, such as France, where it is a legal requirement to carry spare bulbs.

7. Bike Carrier

bike rack

If you want to explore once you reach your destination there’s nothing better than packing the families bikes. Towbar-mounted bike carriers are a great idea and give you the flexibility to carry multiple bikes. However, if you don’t have a tow-bar fitted we also stock a great selection of roof bike racks.

8. Wind Deflectors

Even if it is not hot when you’re stuck in the car for a long time, it can come as a great relief to put the windows down and enjoy some fresh air. However, doing so means putting up with an annoying wind rattle.

wind deflector

To prevent this you can fit wind deflectors which alter the flow of air and reduce noise disturbance. Wind deflectors also prevent rain, insects and debris from entering through the window.

9. Power Adaptor

Will make sure that you stay charged on the move. This is imperative now, more than ever as it becomes the norm for everyone to have their own devices; therefore a power adaptor that is equipped to charge multiple devices at one is an absolute must.

10. First Aid Kit

Just in case. Even if there are no accidents while on the move, once you reach your destination you can relax in the knowledge that you are fully prepared for minor accidents.

Fortunately, we stock all the above items and many other car accessories to help make your road trip stress-free and enjoyable. Make the most of the summer and get out on the road in style!