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7 Tips on How to Eat Well and Save Money When You’re Camping

Going on holiday, whether abroad or in your home country, is always a luxury. It’s something that can be booked up in advance and is the highlight of the year, with everyone looking forward to getting away from the stresses of work and home life.

Camping is always a popular choice – either in a tent or a caravan – when it comes to holidays during the summer months. At Car Accessories Plus, we love to get out in the great outdoors with our families, and we want to help you get prepared for your camping holidays.

When it comes to meals and snacks whilst you’re away on you holiday, it’s great to have a few treats. However, you might want to try and keep your family eating as much healthy food when camping as possible. You may think it’s much easier to grab takeaways and eat out whilst camping, however the cost of doing so can build up to astronomical amounts.

However, we’ve decided to put a few ideas together for quick, easy and relatively cheap meals that are a lot healthier than pizza takeaways and fish & chips every day…

Here is our guide to eating well and saving money whilst camping!

1) Don’t Forget Your Cupboard Staples

Remember that convenient and transportable food will be your best friend on a camping trip. Go for produce that can be kept in cupboards, such as tins of beans and pasta. You can whip up a quick and easy meal over the camp fire with the most basic of ingredients.

2) Pack Your Cooler Wisely

The last thing you want to do when you’re planning meals and cutting costs is have to throw food away because you’ve not stored it correctly.

• Any raw meat should always be stored at the bottom of the cool bag in case of spillages that will contaminate the rest of your food. The bottom of the cooler is also the coldest, keeping your meat fresher for longer.

• Double bag any fruit and veg, particularly onions, to keep the smell out of the cooler and affecting the rest of your food.

• Keep anything likely to break or squash such as eggs, cakes and bread at the top of the cooler.

• Keep any cheese or butter in a Tupperware box with a lid in case of any water leakage.

• Top up the ice BEFORE it defrosts and drain the water each time to ensure food stays fresh. You can use the melted ice water as refreshing drinks for when you’re exploring, so remember a few water bottles!

3) A First Night Feast Without The Stress

For the first night you’re there, pre-cook one of your favourite homemade dishes that all the family love. If you’re going with friends, ask everyone to do the same and have a buffet-type feast. You’ll all be starving after the journey and pitching up, so having something to hand straight away is perfect.

Cook it the night before, let it cool down and refrigerate straight away. Transport it in a cool box with ice packs to keep it fresh, then heat it up when you’re there. Something like bolognaise and an Italian tomato sauce is a brilliant choice, as it’s something you’d struggle to cook later on in your break with a lack of pans and utensils (as well as a place to keep mince fresh), but it’s also easy to heat up over a camp fire. You can easily make pasta or spaghetti to accompany the dish when you get there with some boiling water over the fire.

4) BBQ’s Are The Best!

There’s nothing better than a BBQ when the sun is shining. Pick up a couple of large disposable BBQs if you don’t have a portable one in your camping equipment, and stock up on burgers and sausages. If you’re planning on BBQing as soon as you pitch up, then take them along in your cool bag. If not, track down a local butchers or supermarket to buy a few bits when you need them.

A BBQ can be cheap and healthy if you choose meat with a low fat percentage, wholemeal rolls for your burgers and have a side salad with it. You can even wrap some potatoes in tin foil and stick them on the BBQ for an extra healthy side.

5) Freeze Bread Before You Go

Many people freeze bread anyway, especially if they don’t eat a lot, and defrost it as and when. Taking a frozen loaf will ensure it lasts longer and you can use it for breakfasts, snacks and packed lunches, as well as for your BBQ feast!

You can easily toast bread on a BBQ or over a camp fire, and whip up eggs, bacon and beans to go with it if you’re looking for a hearty breakfast to keep you going through the day when you’re out and about exploring.

6) Don’t Forget The Sweet Treats

If you have a camp fire going, and are enjoying a few drinks on the evening, it’s nice to have a few treats to nibble on. Toasted marshmallows are the epitome of camping, and are pretty low in calories too, which is always a plus! You can also peel bananas and wrap them in tin foil before popping them on the BBQ… add a few bits of chocolate to the tin foil parcel if you want to be a little naughty!

7) Keep Your Eyes Peeled When You’re Out And About

If you are camping near a village surrounded by countryside and farms, you can snap up some bargains from farmers’ markets and local butchers. Produce is usually a lot cheaper than the supermarkets sell it for, and much better quality. Stock up on fruit for snacking, and veg that you can roast or boil over the camp fire to make a delicious and healthy meal that the whole family will enjoy.

When you’re away on holiday, you want to enjoy yourself as much as you can, but you don’t need to spend a fortune by doing so! You can make delicious meals with minimal equipment. Enjoy your time away and relax, enjoying good food, good company and hopefully, some good weather.

Remember to pack smart and you can take everything you need. Put luggage in a roof box on top of the car for extra room, and make sure that all food is kept in a cool place within the car where the sun won’t be shining on it.

Happy Camping!